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Facebook Privacy Updates: turning off your "Off Facebook" activity

This week, Facebook launched the Off-Facebook Activity tool that lets users have some control over the information obtained by Facebook when a user visits other websites.

Typically, the information is sent to Facebook, and data is collected about the user in regards to shopping and other internet-related preferences. Users can now turn off this tracking feature via their mobile devices.

I was able to speak with WBRC Fox 6 News in Birmingham, Alabama, regarding this news and what it means for your average user in the US.

Click here to view the interview in its entirety.

As the US continues to lag behind other countries in terms of data, privacy, and protection, it's important to look to other places, such as the UK, in regards to the action taken by the government and other groups seeking to protect the internet's youngest users.

How do you feel about Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms, such as Twitter, having access to users' data and preferences?

Do you think stronger regulations or protection should be in place?

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