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Why healthy social media habits?

Of all the healthy habits to form in the new year, why are healthy social media habits so important?

Consider the following research and statistics:

Do you see the connection?

Social media influences nearly every area of our lives, even the most intimate and personal ones. If the industry isn't taking responsibility for regulating the pervasiveness of abuse on each platform, then it's up to the individual.

Enter: My Social Habit.

My Social Habit is a platform that teaches individuals – whether marketer, influencer, parent, teen, or otherwise – how to have a healthier relationship with social media. In turn, users are hopefully inspired to "clean up their act," make better choices, and turn social media into an environment from which we don't need an escape, detox, or fast.

For more information on My Social Habit, click here and contact the founder or submit your information to become a subscriber. Likewise, you're encouraged to follow the site on whichever social media platform you feel the most comfortable.

Let's create social media spaces that feed us rather than deplete us.

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