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Will you challenge yourself during quarantine?

- TikTok

- Whipped Coffee

- Quarantine Bingo

- #MeAt20

Are those viral social media challenges good for you?

If you've wondered whether or not to participate in recent social media challenges, you're not alone. Because people are in quarantine and practicing social distancing (and perhaps have nothing better to do), these challenges have taken off.

Many social media users, even the most casual ones, are tempted to participate.

From TikTok to Twitter, social media challenges are everywhere: but are they good for you? This recent article from Bustle explains that they provide a sense of digital "community" and could potentially be good for your mental health.

From the article:

"Digital communities can be a way to bridge the gap between the social connection which we need and crave as social beings, and the physical distance and restrictions we are living in right now," Dr. Joshua Klapow Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, tells Bustle. "[They] offer us a way to gather in groups that is core to our human existence."

It seems these challenges are keeping social creatures... social.

Have you or will you participate in any social media challenges this week?

Show us! :)

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